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Succulent Care Tips

The best way to water your succulents is to completely soak the soil. This is better for the long-term health of the plant, as it signals the plant to grow deeper roots instead of small ones close to the surface of the soil.


If you feel any moisture a week after your last watering, wait another week. A good rule of thumb is to stick your finger in the soil to test for any moisture. If you are not sure, it will not hurt the plant to wait a couple more days.

If you feel like you have "missed" a watering, do not worry! Skipping a watering every now and then actually inspires your plant to grow those stronger, healthier roots.

If you must water with a spray bottle. make sure to douse the roots as much as possible and soak the soil well. If you just water the top of the soil, your plants will not establish those thick roots and won't be quite as healthy as their well-watered compatriots.

Only you can establish when your plants are ready to be watered. If your plants are in a high humidity area, they will not dry out quite as often. Watch your plants, especially new ones, carefully for the first few months you have them, paying attention to signs of over-watering (leaves falling off, turning translucent) and under-watering (shriveling up, looking crispy). It is much better to under-water a succulent than to over-water, as over-watering is typically what causes death in succulents.

If you ever have any questions about care for your plants, please contact me!